Why to Have Triple Pane Windows in the Home?

If someone thinks to prefer triple pane windows, then chances are high that he/she is aware of their benefits and already know how they work. But, what about those who still don’t know about them? What if their homes would need the same windows but they don’t know about them?

As a matter of fact, windows are usually provided with different numbers of glass panels and homeowners have to look at their names in order to know the type. There are normally single paned windows that are also known as single glazed while two panels mean double glazed and three panels means triple glazed.

So, while considering vinyl windows Toronto, it’s better to consider the temperature and therefore, should go for at least of two panes. But in some areas of Canada, it is not possible to install double glazed windows as they are; instead, homeowners have to add some additional features to make them workable. Let’s talk about triple glazed windows, they have their own importance and therefore, experts suggest to consider these three crucial factors and choose a particular type of windows.

  1. Heat loss
  2. Astral heat gains
  3. Insulating glass unit, glass and heat loss through casing

Why to Choose triple-Paned Windows?

Selecting triple paned windows over double paned units is a better option as it has numerous benefits as described below:

  1. Triple-pane windows have more gas space

Triple pane windows consist of two compartments that are packed with krypton (Kr) or argon (Ar) gas having the aim to create an insulating layer that could maximize insulation and energy efficiency.

Let’s take an example of Ecoline windows

When it comes to choosing a window type, always check their energy rating. Double glazed windows usually have the ER of 28 while on the other hand, triple glazed windows have the ER of 34 that tends to be perfect for people anywhere in Canada.

  1. Low-E depends on glass pane

Triple pane windows have an advantage that they allow homeowners to add an additional glass pane to improve home’s energy efficiency.

Just remember one rule that the more the coats of low-E coating, the better will be the ER rating- meaning that triple pane windows with two coats are better than those having one coat of Low-E.

Take an example of Ecoline casement windows having double panes with 2 low-E coats. Their energy rating is 38 (ZONE ABCD) while the same windows with low-E coat are having the energy rating of 28.

  1. Triple glazed windows are non-noisy

Energy ratings matter a lot and would give an idea how well these windows work and how much soundproof they are. As most of the customers choose vinyl sliding windows to strengthen their soundproof systems, chances are high that they would be living in a more comfortable and relaxed environment. Triple pane windows are considered as more soundproof than their counterparts because they contain an extra layer of glass.

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