What style of sliding closet doors is good for your home?

You can go for sliding closet doors when you do not have room for the swinging doors. You can also use the doors to give your home a facelift and divide multiple rooms. They are beautiful and easier to use as compared to swing doors.

The sliding doors are also good for the closet. Unlike the swing doors, they have a larger opening that gives access to every corner of the closet and enables you to get your stuff with ease. Moreover, they stay on the track, unlike most closet bi-fold doors that tend to come out of the tracks severally. There are several styles and a wide choice of materials available from which you can pick from. Here is the popular sliding door style for your closet. Pick one that matches your overall style and gives your home a new look.

Glass sliding doors

These sliding closet doors are either made wholly of glass and metal framework or glass and wood. The glass is either frosted, colored or decorated to conceal your items. There are also various embossed glass patterns on the marketplace.

Pocket doors

The pocket doors are made to slide deep into either side of the wall. They are the best option if your closet is squeezed. You need a strong stud wall that can hold the hanging doors in their tracks. The doors are available in such materials as glass, wood or metal.

Wooden closet doors

If you would like to add some classic décor to your room, consider going for the wooden sliding door. You have a choice of different wood varieties. The common ones are solid wood, hollow wood, painted, stained or lacquered wood among other types. There are also wood types that come with carved patterns and overlays.

Mirrored sliding closet doors

If your closet door is either dark or small, consider going for a sliding mirrored door. Mirrors create an illusion of rounded space and can reflect the little light that is coming into the room. Therefore, your room looks a lot bigger and larger. These doors are also very stylish. However, they are not ideal for places with small kids as they are very delicate. Ensure that you handle them with care to avoid breakage.

Metallic sliding doors

Metal is a less common material for the closet doors. However, the aluminum and steel doors look awesome for the closet. Most of these closet doors either come with the original metallic look or paint that is baked into the metal. You can have the entire door in metal or a door with decorative glass on some parts.

Most sliding doors do not come with latches. Choose a latch that matches with the rest of the door and enables you to lock the closet when you are not around.

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