Vital Business Practice: Hiring an Online Reputation Management Company

Digital freedom is both a blessing and a curse for companies. On one edge of the sword, business owners can understand what consumers love about their products and tweak the evident weakness. They can also see the direct impact that competitors have on their potential or current clients. On the other hand, consumers are free to use mass communications as a public swearing off of any brand of their choice. Not only does the brand itself face pressure, but so does the CEO who is leading the brand. If they send out one wrong tweet or a photo of ostentatious behaviour, the public will twist the content into a bad statement about the company’s practices. The scrutiny is real and hard, and if you don’t employ a reputation management agency to help you deal with it pre-emptively, then you’re losing out in the long-run.

If your mind is still not yet satisfied with this claim, then think about this: One awful review that shows up on Google’s first page can deter your customers from purchase by 76%. Therefore, the cost of hiring an online reputation management company far outweighs the potential revenue loss that you would incur if a lackluster review shuns potential customers away from your brand. You may be thinking now that that type of situation would never happen to you. Perhaps you’re a well-established brand with years of experience behind your shoulders, or your product is a leader in innovation. Listen to these words, and listen to them attentively: Nobody is immune. Elon Musk, the man who brought to fruition the famous hybrid car Tesla, stated that one awful review resulting in $100 million worth of revenue loss.

Another important fact to understand is that a good online reputation management companies has to be a pro at SEO. Therefore, they can make sure that your branded websites and social media platforms stay high up on the top of Google’s first page as a method to prevent the passing of bad rapport. This goes hand-in-hand with purchasing as many domains that haters or trolls would use that have your name.

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