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Tips to promote your Instagram account easy and fast!

There are several tips to advance your Instagram account and lead it to the tops.


The easiest way to attract new people in your account. It is not about using popular hashtags like “followtofollow, instafood’’, but related ones to your shared topic or picture. How to find these words? Easy! By using applications like to filter hashtags. Just write a word in a search line, see similar words and how many times they were used. Be careful: don’t take very popular words cause they disappear in a few seconds among other publications.

2.Using photos of babies/cats/dogs.

Funny, serious or even stupid photos. In any case, they take most of the social media user’s attention. Why? Because children and pets awake people’s deep emotions, love and people are mostly open to share these pictures with friends which means you can get new likes and comments to push your profile ahead. You are not sure about this idea? Check yourself!

3.Using photo editors.

Many people just use Instagram photo editor or even sometimes prefer to share pictures without filters, meanwhile researches showed edited pictures are more viewable and likeable. Google Play fills up with new photo redactors with cool features to make your photos more creative and fun.

There are several applications which are very useful in this case:

  • Baby Photo (more details on – as we mentioned above, babies are loved topic of people, so, via this application you can incarnate any ordinary photo into a super edited one with creative arts, nice filters, cool and funny texts (which will take even more attention and bring fun in comments) and many other nice features.

  • Snapseed – has tools to change your picture and make it looks more professional, like in the Photoshop but with limited options.
  • Perfect365 (more details on – it makes your face more beautiful by changing eyes, a smile, adding some makeup, fresh look (costs several dollars).


You can say we all know it is a good option but it is complicated to find what to share on stories. Anyway, they bring people into your profile and it is really a very important tool for promotion on Instagram. Actually, creating stories easier you think. Just divide photos/videos you want to share on your Instagram page on two groups, some of them share on your profile page like you usually do, others use for sharing in Stories, that’s all. No need to think much!

5. Asking ”Yes? or No?” questions,  short texts and emojies on pictures.

Why do you need these? Questions involve a person in a conversation, push to think about information / photos you shared, they add comments/answers. If you see a smiling emoji on the picture, you automatically smile, if it is a sad one, your mood also changes, so, emojies add emotions and lead people to express their thoughts in comments.

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