Tips To Arrange A Perfect Baby Shower Party

A baby shower is a grand celebration of the arrival of a new member into the family. It’s also about giving proper respect and an awesome time to the expecting mom with her near and dear ones. Organizing a woman’s baby shower is usually a responsibility of her best friends. When it comes to arranging a perfect baby shower party for your bestie, all you want to make it ever-memorable moment of her life.

For arranging this particular lovely event, you must engage your family members or other friends for help. Now, it’s time to know about the essentials about arranging a baby shower party-

Step 1 : Select The Location Date and Time:

The first thing you need to do is be sure about the total number of guests before selecting the location. If you have enough space, it is always better to host the entire party at your own home as it would become a little more personal and comfortable. You should start planning at least a month before the due date and keeping the party on weekend will enable the guests and relatives to attend the party without experiencing any trouble. Choose a time which is convenient for everyone. A Sunday afternoon brunch wold be an excellent idea.

Step 2 : Select The Theme:

Being the host, it’s solely your responsibility to choose a perfect theme for the shower. Also being her best friend, you know about her liking and disliking so select a perfect theme that she would definitely love and appreciate.

Step 3 : Invite The guests:

Invitation plays a very crucial role for a baby shower party. The invitation formality is almost incomplete without the invitation card. The invitation card for a baby shower needs to have the following points-

The location

Date and time

The dress code

The contact number of the host

A complete itinerary for the entire event

Step 4 : Plan The Menu:

The menu of the baby shower party completely depends on what time of the day it is being held. Generally most of the baby shower parties are held on the lunch time so typical lunch items would be ideal. Always remember the celebration of a baby shower party is incomplete without the presence of a baby shower cake. There are lots of websites that offer baby shower cakes at a reasonable price and you can easily order one from a reputed online store.

Step 5 : Plan The Fun Activities:

For the success of any baby shower party, you need to plan a number of fun activities like games, Karaoke sessions etc. For an example you could arrange a scrabble game only with the name of the babies. Games and other entertaining activities keep all the guests busy and entertained.

It’s time to make an awesome baby shower plan for your best friend and execute it in a proper way.

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