Three Small Living Room Decor Options

Small living rooms are all the rage these days.

Okay, that might not be entirely true: they are more a necessity among those struggling to deal with higher rents in this very tough economy.  But, regardless of the reality, the truth of the matter is that renters are finding it harder to lease a big place—and buyers find it equally difficult to buy one.

But just because you big places are harder to afford right now, that does not mean you have to settle for a place that looks much smaller. Indeed, there are ways to make your small living room look and feel a little larger than real life.


Okay, actually, this is mirrors and wallpaper.  The right patterns and colors, combined with reflection, can add serious depth to any room. They can also create a focal point that distracts from the room’s actual size.  And, of course, two windows across from each other just keeps reflecting the same thing over and over again.


Sometimes it is not furniture that is the problem, in a small place, but a lack of storage options.  If that is the case with your living room, perhaps you should consider furniture with some built-in storage options.  Use a trunk as an ottoman or find an I shape sofa with shelves in the backing. Small drawers can fit under credenzas while a console table can bring more practical options.


It might seem like a way to accumulate more clutter, but filling the corners (maybe not all of them) with as much as you can could provide more potential for opening up other spaces.  That does not mean you should “clutter up” every corner, but rather find a way to fit large pieces and a shelf or table, perhaps, in one corner, with some movable options in another.

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