Storing Your Kid’s Toys: A Guide For Every Parent!

Right after the first six months, your little star will start getting new gifts from friends, relatives, and neighbors. Apart from the basic clothing essentials, you will end up collecting a lot of toys, and this will continue at least for the next nine years, or even more. If you don’t like a messy kids’ room, we have some quick ideas for sorting the toys.

Get a storage bed

You will find a wide range of storage beds online, which are specially designed with added drawers on the sides. If the room is too small, you can buy a box bed that can be used to keep everyday essentials in place.  Some of the cabin beds also have shelves around the headboard, which can be used to keep the books. However, do not stuff the bed, or else you will have a tough time moving it around.

Buy storage boxes

There are amazing storage boxes that are made of plastic and can be stored beneath the bed. Cabin beds can be expensive, and if you don’t want to change the furniture right away, a better idea is to buy a set of such boxes, which can be used for storing most of the smaller toys and even board games. If your child doesn’t need a few of the toys anymore, you can stock these boxes in the store room, as well.

Get wall shelves

Wall shelves are great for contemporary homes. You can buy wall shelves for much lesser prices as compared to a standalone shelf, and the choices are more than many. You can display some of the unique toys and items, while others can be stuffed in boxes for placing on the shelves. Make sure the shelves are study enough to hold big boxes, if you have any. Wall shelves are great for dollhouses, as well. You can check a few tips for buying dollhouses at

Invest in a toy box

You must have come across toy boxes that are sold on many online furniture toys. These are specifically designed to store toys and have a lot of space. However, you should take the measurements of the space available before you buy one, and if you want the toys to be restricted from direct access, do check the locking system in detail. Toy boxes don’t have to be expensive, but the wooden ones can cost more and are worth paying for.

Check online now to find a few good ideas for toy boxes and beds.