Our skin is considered the largest organ and plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy. It protects us from infections, disease, and injury as well as helps in regulating body’s temperature. So keeping our skin in a good state is vital for maintaining overall health.

Soaps are sold to us as exfoliating agents; they are known to remove dead skin cells along with the excess oil and dirt. But in reality, the soaps also do more harm than good.

Soaps can damage your skin

Regular soaps are reported to make by fixing fat with an alkali such as lye, can wreck skin by changing its pH, destroying healthy bacteria, and removing oils that are vital for the skin.

How important is to maintain the skin’s pH?

A healthy skin pH is said to be around 5.5 which is slightly acidic in nature, but most of the regular soaps have a higher pH, sometimes as higher than 11.

In case of high skin’s pH, the body starts producing an excessive amount of sebum to fight and restore its natural pH levels. Soaps are not able to maintain skin’s pH and thus makes skin to become too oily.

Soaps also damage our skin’s acid mantle, a protective layer of oils, amino acids and fatty acids. The signs of damage include irritation, itching, dryness, and inflammation. This can also trigger skin conditions such as eczema, acne, rosacea, and dermatitis. You can use Melalite Forte Cream to reduce skin imperfections and other skin discoloration associated with pregnancy, eczema, and birth control pills.

What about those essential oils that conventional soaps stripped away? These oils are needed to keep our skin moisturized. Without these oils, our skin will become more prone to cracks, tears, and irritation that can affect the function of the skin as a protective barrier.

According to skin experts, when you rinse your skin, a layer of protective barrier is actually washed away, which results in the even drier skin.

Ditch your regular soap for good

If you are not sure what is in your soap, the best you can do is throw it out. Bar soaps are considered to be very harsh because of a higher alkaline pH than that of healthy skin. On the other hand, shower gels and body washes are made differently, with emulsifiers and surfactant and are closer to the skin’s natural pH. All three types of soaps dissolve and remove away the essential oils that our skin requires.

Soap is not necessary!

Yes, there is no need to use conventional soaps in your daily hygiene routine. All you need to stay clean is with water.

Water rinse away dirt without removing away vital oils from your skin. Use a few minutes of the shower is enough to rinse away the day’s accumulation of dirt. You can choose a mild cleanser for your armpits and genital areas if you are super concerned about the cleanliness of your body.

Find out the soap for you

  • Go for oil cleansing- Trying oil cleansing is a much healthier alternative than soaps. Oil-based cleansers rinsed away dirt and dead skin cells away without disrupting the oil barrier. Most oil-based cleansers tend to produce light lather when applied to wet skin and rinses away dirt easily without damaging your skin.
  • Brush dead skin cells off- Brush your skin with a natural fiber brush when your skin is dry. While brushing, the bristles over your skin help exfoliate and remove dirt. Consider a good quality, natural bristle brush to brush the dead skin cells off.
  • Make a natural scrub for your skin- There are thousands of different recipes to make a natural scrub at home by using kitchen ingredients. From sugar, rock salt to honey and oatmeal exfoliates, there is a never-ending list. You can make your mix by adding oatmeal, honey, yogurt, or sugar. Remember, be delicate with your facial skin while applying sugar scrub as the sugar crystals can cause micro tears.

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