Select the Right Wrought Iron Doors for Your Home

Exterior wrought iron doors are undoubtedly one of the essential features in the general appearance of your structure. You can get any size of the wrought iron door, including considerable lengths such as 8ft wide and 10 ft in length.

Both double and single exterior doors have transoms, and sidelights added making them look more gorgeous. The style and size of wrought iron doors should augment the design of your home and improve its look.

  1. Remodeling

The primary determinant in selecting the size of your wrought iron doors inserts is the space in the house reserved for the front entrance. For remodeling an old home, the opening has to be smaller than what you are installing.

consequently, if you are remodeling your home, you may have limited options for replacing the size of the door that you currently have. However, if you have enough space to accommodate a more massive door, you may require to hire a contractor. Installation of a pre-hung door is not an issue, because it doesn’t need you to follow any procedure. Many wrought iron doors have welded jambs with mounting lugs that make installation simple and effortless.

  1. Shapes

It is also imperative to consider the top shape of the door. For most wrought iron doors, there are three common choices; arched top, straight top and eyebrow top. In case you select a transom, to elevate your wrought iron door, you can also have options of the top shape. This one can come in any form.

  1. Rough Opening

To give enough room for adjustments and installation, the opening size should be a ¾ inch bigger than the entire scope of the door unit. If you are not doing the renovation for yourself, make sure the contractor takes proper measurements of the rough opening size. A door unit is a composition of the wrought iron door and the transom option you have chosen.

  1. Deciding the Right Jamb Depth

The door jamb is also known as a door frame. It is a structure where the door is hung onto. The door is appended to the door frame by the hinges. The jamb also includes weather stripping and doorstops.

The thickness of the wall determines the depth of the jamb. However, the four options are 10’, 8’,6’and 4’. Select the jamb depth depending on the wall thickness.

  1. Threshold

For all wrought iron doors, door jamb mainly includes integral steel threshold. It is not a typical scenario in the door manufacturing industry but is considered necessary. The reason behind this is that most thresholds are manufactured from aluminium, and there tends to be an explosive reaction of aluminum and steel that result in corrosion at the point where the metals connect. This corrosion can take place on the surfaces of both metals, which is not a good thing. This problem is even worst in coastal regions where salty moisture accelerates it.

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