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Maintenance of school premises is not a choice. Hundreds of students, numerous teachers and staff members use common areas and classrooms every day, and it is important to ensure that every room and corner is squeaky clean, so as to avoid allergies and other health concerns. If you need help with school cleaning Melbourne, check with Sparkle Cleaning Services. The company is known for its effective yet affordable services, which are customized to match the requirements of commercial spaces.

Quick background review

Sparkle Cleaning Services is based out of Melbourne and deals in both residential and commercial cleaning. The company has more than 250 projects to its credit and has won over 99 awards. To their credit, they have an in-house team of around 300+ staff members, each trained by the company. Sparkle Cleaning Services doesn’t outsource their contracts and always offer free and no-obligation quotes for every client, regardless of other factors.

Why hire Sparkle Cleaning Services?

School maintenance involves extensive cleaning. Tasks include emptying paper baskets, wiping and cleaning desks, maintenance of all surfaces to get rid of germs, cleaning of floors and restrooms. Additionally, all the common areas must be cleaned regularly, while windows and outdoor surfaces must be wiped at least once in two weeks. More often than not, cleaners also have to remove gums pasted beneath the desks, and they may have to deal with posters and graffiti too.

Sparkle Cleaning Services does all of that and much, and what’s even better is the fact that they only use natural and safe products. More often than not, they use a mix of vinegar and water to clean surfaces. Also, their team uses the best equipment and tools available in the market, so as to get the job done as quickly as possible. They are also flexible with timings, so if you want to hire them on a contract, you can discuss your requirements, and the team will schedule work according to your needs. You can also rely on them for steam cleaning, deep cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Sparkle Cleaning Services also specializes in office cleaning dandenong, and their services are flexible. The company has been awarded for its efficient services and effective pricing, and they are known for offering fair quotes that doesn’t have any scope for hidden charges. Check their website today to get in touch and ask relevant questions before taking a call.

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