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Save On Safety: Why Your Baby Is Safer In A Bassinet

When you’re preparing for a newborn, it’s natural to have a lot of questions and concerns. A lot of new parents aren’t sure about the difference between a bassinet and a crib, or which one they should buy to get ready. Bassinets and cradles are much smaller and portable. Bassinets are convenient, but a crib will last you much longer. However, bassinets are both safer and cost less money than a crib. Before you decide which one is right for your family, take a closer look at the ups and downs.

Why You Should Buy a Bassinet

Easier co-sleeping is the biggest advantage to buying a bassinet, especially if you have a relatively small bedroom. Parents are encouraged to sleep in the same room (with a separate sleeping area) as a newborn. Cribs take up a lot more space than bassinets, so that won’t be a practical choice in a bedroom. Not only does co-sleeping reduce the chance of SIDS by half, new parents feel more at ease when they know their newborn is sleeping nearby.

Bassinets can be great for larger homes, too. Most of your newborn’s day will be occupied by naps. Bassinets are so much more portable than cribs, you can keep a close eye on them while you go about your day. You can even find bassinets that are portable enough for you to take outside. Finding the right bassinets for your baby will go a long way toward making those first few months easier.

Bassinets are also considerably less expensive than cribs. Eventually you will have to upgrade, but before the baby is born, you have a lot of other expenses and things to buy. If your budget is tight right now, you can save money now and save for a crib later.

Why You Should Consider a Crib

On the other hand, bassinets have a weight limit that your baby will outgrow within a few months. By then, they’ll be able to sleep in their own room with a baby monitor. A good crib will not only last you considerably longer, many can also be converted into toddler beds. Some babies prefer cribs to bassinets, too. You wind up spending less money in total if you go straight to the crib, but with high railings it can put a lot of pressure on your back and arms.

Regardless of whether you go with a bassinet or a crib to start, it always pays to double check the most up-to-date safety recommendations and find cribs and bassinets that comply. These regulations do change, so new cribs and bassinets may be advisable over second-hand options, depending on how old they are or when the last time safety recommendations changed.

In the end, the most important thing is that your newborn has everything they need to sleep safely and comfortably. Do your research and weigh the costs and benefits. Bassinets are portable, convenient, and lower cost, while cribs last longer.

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