Propane and Your Home: Knowing How Much You Need

Switching to propane can be one of the best decisions you make for your household. As a fuel source it’s versatile to say the least. It can be used for kitchen appliances in cooking, as a source of heating in your home and for a whole range of outdoor or other general appliances too. Knowing how much you need to use however can sometimes be a bit tricky. This article shares some key tips to help guide you in understanding more about your family fuel usage and just how you can go about measuring and estimating how much propane is best for you.

Work Out Your Home Habits

The first thing you’ll want to do when it comes to getting a grip on your fuel needs is understanding your family habits in terms of the appliances you use and when. As a general rule of thumb, winter is much heavier in terms of gas usage as houses heating requirements go up in order to keep everyone at a comfortable temperature. This is all dependent on where you live of course, with people in more temperate climates most likely having larger fuel consumption needs than those in tropical or more humid locations.

Secondly understand that in summer too you’ll want to use a fair bit of fuel, especially if outdoor grilling or barbecuing is a big family tradition. Propane will be the fuel of choice in these matters so it’s crucial to have an idea of how much you expect to be cooking outdoors as well as how much you use other gas dependent appliances also.

Use a Fuel Calculator

Fortunately many appliances have fuel counters built in that can tell you how much fuel is used for particular tasks. For those that don’t however there are other ways to get an idea, specifically by researching online and using sources like http://lingas.com/hot-topics/how-much-propane-do-my-appliances-use/ which give accurate figures on how appliances can be run in terms of propane use.

Calculators can break down each appliance which you can then total up to give you a better idea of an overall figure. Taking averages is another smart way of adding up that is likely to give you a solid estimate.

Furnaces, Fireplaces and Budgets

As for what the biggest consumers of propane are likely to be in your home? That honor goes to furnaces, gas fireplaces and hot water heaters; things that are likely to be frequently used and for a prolonged periods of time. Getting an idea on how often and for how long these appliances are used for will help you when it comes to getting a better idea of your fuel requirements.

From all this information it’s then smart to move to the next step and begin planning a budget. Thankfully, propane is a very cost effective fuel source so you’re not likely to break the bank going with it in your household, especially if you set out a payment plan with a supplier and don’t go crazy with your usage.

You can keep costs down of course by ensuring you get the right sized tank, which means fewer fill-ups and fewer servicemen being called to your house. Pre-buying propane is another good option for keeping costs down too, ensuring you have it before the big winter clamor when seasonal prices are likely to creep up.

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