Looking after your family: home protection advice

Your home is somewhere where you should always feel safe from harm – so if you run a family house or flat, it’s important that you take steps to protect yourself, your partner and your children. There are lots of ways you can do this, ranging from making the most of modern technology to ensuring that you apply some common sense when out and about. Whatever methods are right for you, getting them sorted out as soon as possible can help ensure you don’t have any problems. With that in mind, here are some top tips on keeping your home safe.

Monitor your home

If you spend a lot of time out of town or simply out of the house, it may be worth considering installing cutting-edge CCTV or home monitoring systems inside or outside (or both) your home. That way, you can get an alert whenever there is an unusual movement in your home thanks to an in-built motion sensor, or even check the footage live through your smartphone or tablet wherever in the world you are. Often, this is especially useful if you have staff coming to your home, such as cleaners or nannies. While the vast majority of people are highly ethical and will always respect your place, it’s important to protect yourself against the very small minority of people who have malicious intentions.

Install alarms

Setting up home protection alarms sometimes seems like a slightly over the top response when it comes to looking after your family’s house or flat, but in the event of a major break-in they could actually end up being very useful. Usually, these devices are linked to major access points around your home such as the windows or the front door and they can be programmed to go off in the event of a security breach. And while you may be worried that malfunctioning alarms can cause your whole street to wake up at 3am, they can usually be overridden by a code – so there’s no need to worry about causing a disturbance.

Get home warranty

Home warranty is an essential part of any moves towards property protection. The idea behind taking out this kind of policy is to protect your appliances and other household possessions against a variety of issues, including wear and tear. It’s also wise to have this kind of protection just in case an unexpected major event, such as a fire or a disaster, occurs and causes damage to your property. While it may seem like a difficult upfront cost to bear, especially if you have a young family, it’s still important to ensure you take it out in order to make sure you are protected. After all, it’s better to have to pay a small amount now rather than have to pay a lot later in the event of a problem arising. When looking for a home warranty company, it’s a good idea to check the company site thoroughly first and ensure that they offer what you need.

Turn off appliances

One way to make sure your home is looked after is to double check the rooms before you leave or go to bed, to ensure that appliances are turned firmly off. This applies especially to kitchen appliances such as hobs and ovens, as they pose a serious fire risk if left on. Not only does this protect you from cripplingly high energy bills, it also reduces the risk of a major calamity taking place.

Use common sense

While the above methods are all great ways to protect yourself and your home against harm, you can also substantially minimize the chances that anything will go wrong in your home by remembering to carry out basic security checks on a regular basis. It’s surprising how many people go out and forget to lock their door, for example, or leave easily accessible windows wide open. By exercising some common sense and reminding other family members to do so too, you can make life much more difficult for opportunistic thieves.

Protecting yourself against the impact of any unexpected issues is essential no matter what stage of life you’re at, but if you have a young family to protect then it’s even more important. Whether it’s using common sense techniques like checking you’ve locked the door or something a little more sophisticated like a home alarm or a home warranty system, there are a lot of options on offer. By researching your choices and selecting one which makes sense to you, you can defend yourself and your home against whatever life throws your way.

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