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Life After Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Even though your breast augmentation surgery will take less than a day to complete, the effects it has on your mind and body will last much longer. You can expect your body to go through a number of changes in the months following your surgery, most of which will be quite subtle.

It’s important for all breast augmentation patients to know exactly what to expect and be aware of in the months after their surgery to accelerate the healing process and ensure it goes smoothly.

What to expect after your breast augmentation surgery

Pain is part of the process

In the months following your surgery, your body will need to form a brand new network of collagen around your implants to keep them separate from other parts of your body. This process will lead to warm sensations, tingles and phantom pains in the breast. Some pain and discomfort will need to be experienced to enjoy your desired results.

Breast implants need time to settle

Patients will need to wait several months for their implants to drop, which is why your breasts will sit higher on your chest after your surgery. How quickly your implants drop and settle will depend on their texture, placement and the original size of your breasts. In some cases, one breast can drop sooner than the other but massaging can encourage the other breast to drop too.

Give your scars time to fade

Dr Laniewski is a top breast enhancement surgeon and will do everything he can to reduce scarring, however, some scarring will occur. Fortunately, these scars will eventually fade but it will take some time. How quickly your scars fade will depend on whether you smoke, your skin type, the placement and size of your incisions as well as whether you’ve experienced any complications. Patients should expect to wait at least a year for their scars to fade but it can take longer. If scarring is a major concern for you, speak to your surgeon about how they can be minimised even further.

Other effects to be aware of

Due to the pressure of the implants, some women end up losing some of their natural breast tissue during the year after their surgery.

Patients will also need to allow enough time for swelling to subside and bruising to heal so it’s best to wait at least 6 months before you decide that you’re unhappy with the results of your surgery.

It’s also not uncommon to go through emotional changes in the months following your surgery. Don’t be surprised if you feel sadness instead of happiness after your surgery as this is completely normal. This sadness and anxiety general occurs because of medication side effects, aftereffects of the anaesthesia, sleep loss, pain and postsurgical stress syndrome.

If you’re worried about any of the side effects that you’re experiencing, you can discuss them with your surgeon during your follow-up appointments.

How often you’ll need to schedule follow-up appointments is dependent on how quickly you recover as well as your surgeon’s processes and schedule.

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