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Illinois HIV Care Connect Created a Quiz to Help Patients Get a Grip on Their Mental Health

In Illinois healthcare news, Illinois HIV Care Connect has introduced an online quiz called, “Good Health Is More Than Health Care.”

The 11-question quiz is part of bigger campaign designed to reinforce the importance of good mental health among those living with HIV. “Evidence shows that good mental health within the HIV-positive population will lead to better overall health outcomes and longer lifespans,” said Tom Hughes, executive director of the Illinois Public Health Association.

Illinois HIV Care Connect has also redesigned its digital strategy. Its website and social media channels now offer more information on everything from prevention to treatment and mental health care. To build off of this great piece of Illinois healthcare news, the site also directs those with HIV who enroll in Illinois HIV Care Connect to programs that offer life-saving services including mental and oral health care, food banks, legal assistance, medical transportation or housing.

Among these programs are Medicaid, Medicare, the ADAP Medication Assistance Program (MAP), Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), and many more. Illinois has recently made great strides in helping its HIV-positive residents.

In August, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation announced plans to invest $30 million in social services programs in Decatur, aimed at fighting drug addiction. Substance use has been linked to the spread of HIV. The state’s high-risk groups include injectable drug users along with African-American women and young gay and bisexual men (age 13-24).

In both examples above, increasing patient accessibility to resources and quality care is one of many powerful examples of the digital transformation of healthcare.

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