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How to lose weight and save money

You don’t have to be a millionaire to lose the pounds.

When it comes to multi tasking, being able to lose weight and save money at the same time is living the dream. Even if you can’t afford a private chef or a personal trainer there are still plenty of options open to you to drop a few pounds and cut your costs at the same time. So whether it’s excess baby weight that’s proving hard to shift or just weight due to over-indulgence here are some simple ways to kill two birds with one stone: slim down and save enough money to start paying off those debts whether it’s a bad credit loan, guarantor loans or other types of secured loans.

Cut out meat

Reducing – or eliminating – meat from your diet could help you to lose weight, as well as making it easier to budget. Meat and meat products are often the most expensive items in a supermarket shop and you could save big by just reducing how much you buy. And then there are the potential health benefits. Although there are plenty of differing opinions when it comes to whether a vegetarian diet really will help you to lose weight, there is a lot of research to support the idea that it will. Neal Barnard, MD, adjunct associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, found the average weight loss for a person turning vegetarian was 7.5 pounds.

Start planning your meals

A lack of planning can result in a splurge on your credit card at the supermarket, as well as a biscuit binge if you don’t have anything in for lunch. Planning your meals is a great way to cut costs and make sure you’re eating more healthily. Meal planning is often best done on a weekly basis – plan all your meals at the start of the week and set yourself a budget for a single shop to buy it all in. That way you’ll have both your costs and your calories under control.

Give up the gym

It doesn’t sound like a great recommendation if you’re looking to lose weight but for some people going to the gym isn’t the most effective way to exercise. It’s something that many of us do alone, it can be difficult to remain motivated and – let’s be honest – it’s often not that interesting. An easy way to save cash and get fitter is to give up the expensive gym membership and swap it for a running club instead. You’ll most likely be much more motivated by the group environment and there won’t be any expensive fees to pay.

Take your own lunch

If there’s one sure fire way to keep your calories and costs under control during a normal working week it’s to make sure that you take your own lunch. Buying lunch out often results in splurges, of both the cash and calorie kind. Having a bad day? Then you’ll probably go for something high fat and maybe a couple of extra items to add to the bill too. However, if you’ve brought your own with you then you won’t have to deal with the temptation of either eating or spending more.

Get more sleep

A lack of sleep has been highlighted as the cause for a very wide range of problem behaviours, from uncontrollable appetite to reckless spending. So, if you want to give yourself a good chance of keeping spending and food consumption under control make sure you get those 8 hours.

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