Breast augmentation or otherwise known as ‘boob job’ is a procedure done involving breast implants or fat transfer to make the breast appear bigger as well as alter the shape and texture of the breast as desired. There are many types of breast augmentation procedure done such as implants like silicone implants or saline implants, fat grafting and tissue expansion. Each of these procedures are weighed and tailored according to patient’s preferences in order to meet the patient’s demands.

This procedure is done worldwide for cosmetic purposes. Athough South Asia seems to become a hub for breast augmentation on the east. Countries like Malaysia are a prominent committer of this advancement. Breast implant in Malaysia observes a steep rise every year and counting. However, whether the procedure is safe or not depends on a lot of factors. Before undergoing this procedure, a trained medical professional would analyze every aspect of the individual concluding if that person is safe to go through this process or not. Most of the time, this procedure is very safe and can bring no harm to an individual. People with any underlying medical conditions would not be advised to go through this procedure afraid it might have any negative impacts on their health.

Besides that, this procedure has proven its success with the increasing demand worldwide. It should only be done by an experienced plastic surgeon to avoid any unwanted outcome or complications. Otherwise, this procedure can ensure one achieve the desired breast size as well as the desired breast shape. Moreover, the procedure is also proven safe by many people who have actually tried it and have positive comments about it.

Moreover, breast augmentation has been given a fair comment worldwide regarding the pros of this procedure. It has helped many individual build their self-esteem and appear more confident than usual. It is also known to be a trend among famous celebrities and top ranked models to get their breasts done. Following that, many of us like to go in their foot step and get things done just like how they have done it. The procedure is considered safe and not harmful. However, we should always watch out for the minor complications that follows.

Furthermore, some rare complications might occur during the procedure and should keep a look out for such as implant leakage, deflation and others. These problems can occur and would be advised beforehand by the surgeon regarding the operational risks. After taking all the matters into consideration regarding safety and risks, only then the individual should make their decision whether they would like to proceed with the procedure or not.

After weighing all the pros and cons thoroughly, we can proceed with the treatment. The doctors would make sure we feel safe throughout the procedure by explaining in detail what they will be doing. This would give us a little insight about the procedure as well as make us feel a whole lot comfortable laying on the bed. Even after the procedure it is a protocol for the doctors to ask the patients if they feel pain or discomfort. Painkillers would be given to kill the pain and ensure patient is always at ease.

Lastly, there are many established clinics in Malaysia that offers a wide range of cosmetic surgeries including breast augmentation. It is best that each individual study the clinic as well as their procedures thoroughly before committing to a clinic. It would be even better if they would to have an expert dealing with the procedures. With that, we would know that we are in safe hands and we would be able to relax and get the breast size that we desire. The safety of each procedure should be the most common priority at these clinica to ensure the patients get the treatment they deserve.

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