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How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in India

This is one of the more pertinent questions among patients who are suffering from the hair loss problem. The cost comes first while choosing a decision of the services; especially the plastic & cosmetic surgery is because of their higher cost in most of the places. The hair transplant in India serves you the best options in terms of the affordable cost, availability in most of the prime places of the plastic & cosmetic surgery destinations. The cost says the features and advantages that you are going to receive for a particular service and products, but in the case of getting a hair transplant surgery, it describes the nature of the procedure and result strength given by the expert Surgeons/Doctor.

Generally, the cost of hair transplant in India is around one-fourth of the cost applicable to the other continent and countries.

Here we are describing the fact and basics regarding the influencing factor of cost as follows:

  • How much Hair will be implanted: The number one consideration while planning a hair restoration knows about the number of hair needed to an implant for a particular bald area. As much as the number of hair you need, the cost of the procedure will increase. Per graft decides the total cost of the procedure along with other contributing factors, such as operating Surgeons, clinic’s name, advanced technology, etc. Each graft price in India generally ranges between Rs. 25 to 120 INR/.
  • Cost is decided by the specific areas of the loss based on NW-grade: The cost of the procedure directly influenced by the available Norwood grade of baldness that asks for a particular number of grafts. The lesser grade of baldness needs the lesser number of grafts and the vice-a-versa. So, it is important to evaluate the scalp condition before the procedure to know about the required number of grafts and determine the cost accordingly.
  • The Performing Surgeon’s Accreditations: The name, reputation, and recognition of a hair transplant Surgeon actually influence the cost of the procedure and of course, the procedure will be high if performing Surgeon is a recognized and certified in such specific field of plastic & cosmetic surgeries.
  • The Clinic’s reputation: The cost may vary from one clinic to another and from one location to another as every specific zone has a different set of rules to follow regarding the fee for the services. The clinic established in India generally has low fee rather than the clinic of the western world countries. Apart from the country, the state also follows a different set of rules to put the price/fee and the prime locations for the hair transplant surgery, such as Jaipur & Delhi weighs an affordable cost option rather than the hair transplant cost of Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune.
  • The Advanced Technology & Equipment: The charge of the procedure is influenced by the applied modern technology and used advanced equipment. So, next time when you go for the consultation must check the facilities and arrangement of the clinic for the restoration procedure. The cutting-edge technology raises the price of the procedure and assured you about a safe and comfortable hair transplant surgery.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant has both external and internal factors for putting the cost that must be considered while taking the pre-procedure consultation to help a patient at the level best.

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