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How Long Should Your Child See a Pediatrician?

Now that your child is getting older, you may have wondered if they should continue seeing the same pediatrician in Brooklyn, NY at our Maimonides Children’s Medical Center that has been caring for them since they were a baby. It is a common concern that many parents have and question whether there is a need to change to a different doctor as their child approaches puberty. Our pediatricians in Brooklyn offer a full spectrum of care for children and specifically focus on helping infants and children, as well as adolescents and teens as they approach adulthood.

Here are some frequently asked questions that might help decide what will work best for your family and how your child’s visits to their pediatrician will change as they get older.

Pediatrician FAQ’s

  • A pediatrician in Brooklyn, NY typically sees children until around the age of 18, and even beyond through their first couple of years of college.
  • An advantage of continuing your child’s care at their pediatrician as they get older is continuity of care with a doctor who knows all about their medical history.
  • Always feel free to talk to your pediatrician in Brooklyn, NY and know that it is acceptable to ask questions about what to expect as your child gets older and to share any concerns about transitioning to an adult physician.
  • A pediatrician that your child is familiar with might be a better resource to help with any questions teens may have concerning sex, contraception, mental health/depression, sports-related issues, and even more personal topics that teens are embarrassed to talk to parents about.
  • When your child is a teen they need to see the pediatrician without a parent present, so they can develop a relationship with their doctor. This will allow them to speak candidly for themselves instead of a parent doing so.
  • Expect that once your teenager begins seeing the doctor privately for their visits, they will then have doctor-patient confidentiality. This means that they then have the choice of whether to share information with you, and the doctor is no longer allowed to unless it is a matter concerning their safety.

Although many children continue to see their pediatricians through high school, the decision is truly up to you as parents and what works best for your child. Your child’s pediatrician in Brooklyn, NY at Maimonides Children’s Medical Center can answer any questions you may have and can even offer a referral for a new practitioner that works well with adolescents or teens if you decide to seek another doctor.

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