Different ways to get rid of Itchy, dry scalp

Dandruff or Dry Scalp Problem

The problem of dandruff is common and gas evolved a lot over the period of time. It is usually due to skin dryness, bacteria or fungus. Dandruff is a small white flex that falls on head. Here are some tips to eliminate dandruff naturally –

  • Avoid repeated comb combustion

To avoid dandruff, add some drops of ginger juice in olive oil and apply it in the roots of the hair and leave it for one hour and then wash it with shampoo. After applying oil in the hair, it is also good to use steamed towels or massage the scalp with hot oil which nourishes the skin of the head. Hair should not be combated repeatedly; otherwise the problem of dandruff increases due to excessive oil out of the scalp. It is important to take care of food and drink. You should drink plenty of water.

  • Mix camphor in coconut oil

Dandruff can be removed by mixing yellow egg yolk and sour yogurt with at least half an hour in the hair. Mixing lemon juice and black pepper powder are also good for hair roots. More strong oil can increase hair loss. In this case, add neem and black sesame oil mixed with herb, at least three times a week if you have more dandruff. Dandruff is removed by applying camphor in coconut oil.

Itching Problem

Many people have a problem with scalp itching. If you have a very sharp itching in the head then you can use lavender oil. This not only helps to remove itching but also increases your blood circulation. Mix lavender oil with coconut oil. It is also helpful in maximizing your hair while removing itching of the head.

  • Lemon juice :

Actually, the citric acid present in lemon cleanses the skin. It also removes itchiness of the head and brings shine in the hair as well.

  • Coconut oil:

Mix a little camphor in coconut oil and massage the skin on the head. The tapering of the camphor is cold, which causes itching to cure and also provides relief in any type of infection.

  • Flowers of Lilies:

Flowers of antelope have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which are helpful in removing head’s itching also useful for hair fall control

  • Onions:

Onions are effective in eliminating dandruff. Apply juice to the head for an hour, it will be beneficial. Mixing apple vinegar with light-hot water and applying it to the hair roots gives instant relief in itching.

  • Oil Massage

The main reason behind the itching of the head is dandruff. Oil massage is the best solution to get rid of dandruff. But keep in mind that chemical and aromatic oils should not be used. First put coconut and almond oil in a bowl. Now mix it well and massage your hair properly (Scalp).

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