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Design The Perfect Nursery For Your Baby

There’s a lot to think about while you’re waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive. Between attending your weekly Lamaze class and Googling everything there is to know about parenthood, expectant mothers have a lot on their mind. Creating a calm and comforting nursery for your family’s newest addition is just another one of the many exciting tasks ahead of you. While it can be a fun outlet for all those pre-natal jitters, there’s also a lot of pressure in trying to create a picture-perfect room for your baby. If all that stress is stopping your creative juices from flowing, keep scrolling. Here are some helpful tips for creating a nursery worthy of your baby-to-be.

Invest in a high-quality crib

A nursery can be any size, any shape, any color, and anywhere. But at its foundation, it should have a warm and comfortable place for your baby to sleep. The crib is the centerpiece of any nursery, so it’s important you find one that’s both beautiful and functional. Look for a durable and resilient crib that abides by all safety regulations. DaVinci cribs are well-known for their charming, solid constructions, and they regularly score top marks with parents around the US. They offer 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 designs, so your crib can evolve as your baby grows.

Purchase a comfortable nursing chair

Sleeping isn’t the only thing your little one will be doing in their nursery. Your hungry hippo will also need feeding. Don’t forget about how you play into mealtime. You’ll want something comfortable for both you and baby. While technically any chair will do, you’ll want to think about getting a glider chair. The back-and-forth motion of these chairs soothes fussy babies.

Find the right curtains

Curtains are a crucial component of any baby’s room. They also help you stay sane! They help block out the sun and dampen noise from the street, so light and loud sounds don’t wake up your baby when you’ve put them down for a nap—giving mommy time to rest herself.

Since babies tend to nap throughout the day, many parents opt for blackout shades. Whichever window covering you choose, make sure it comes with the appropriate child-safety features. Cords and other mechanisms can be a choking hazard to small children and pets, so opt for cordless technology whenever you can.

Get advice online

Pinterest is a great visual resource for budding interior designers. Once you create a profile you can check out what other parents have done with their nurseries.

You can also find answers to specific questions, like how you can make the most out of a small space or how you can stick to a budget when designing your nursery. Because, let’s be honest, once you add up all the furniture and window treatments, your baby’s room is an expensive addition to your home. If you find yourself short for any of these must-have purchases, consider getting an online loan to make up what you’re missing. It can help your family financially in a way that’s easier and faster than most conventional loans. You don’t have to go to the bank and sit through a lengthy interview or wait weeks for approval. All you have to do is fill out a short application online from the comfort of your own home — a considerable positive when you’re in your third trimester! Once approved, you could get the cash you need for your baby in as little as one business day.

You want the best for your baby, so it’s easy to go over your budget before you’re finished with your nursery. Luckily, you have as long as nine months to figure out the best deals and the best saving tips for your task. Check in with other mothers to see what they suggest. Other parents are a great resource for most of your questions. Eventually, you’ll find a method that works with your plans for designing the best nursery for your baby.

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