Decorating Suggestions for Custom Homes

Nothing adds an individual touch to custom homes like adornments including shadow boxes, decoupage, frames, and ribbon displays. House adornments don’t have to be costly as they possibly can be constructed from affordable art supplies and repurposed products from thrift shops.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are fantastic house decoration pieces given that they may be used to incorporate photos and other kinds of memorabilia to your custom interior design. Shadow boxes can be found in various diy stores in most cases cost around $12 each. Buy a 12-inch shadow box and add photos to the back surface along with other kinds of mementos. Although a lot of people attach shadow boxes to walls or set them in stores, you are able to attach your shadow box face-up on the top of the small finish table using glues or screws.


This decoration for custom homes offers an simple and inexpensive way of incorporating photos to your residence’s décor. Decoupage involves adding an individual touch to your house décor by covering products for example trays, clocks, coasters, and table surfaces with photos to produce conversation pieces. For the greatest results, begin with an even object cover after which print your photos on the cardstock. Trim your photos and fix these to a decoupage medium ensuring you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add yet another layer of memory to safeguard the photos from damage.


An attractive frame composed of photos could make a remarkable addition to your rooms. However, frame adornments are often very costly. Custom homeowners can acquire the look they need by utilizing affordable frames and cans of spray paint. Get your frames from discount stores, rummage sales, and local flea markets and spray-paint these to match their colors and make up a cohesive look. A less expensive framing project would involve repurposing CD cases as frames. This can involve taking out the CDs plastic inserts and filling the instances with thin card board after which attaching trimmed photos to suit. Make use of a double-sided tape to hold the instances in your wall.

Ribbon Display

Use curtain rods and wide ribbons to produce a custom display of the photos. First, buy a beautiful curtain fishing rod and fix it for your wall using brackets. Cut the ribbons into different lengths and fold them in two. Attach each ribbon to the rear of a presented photo by having an adhesive that enables the ribbons to exhibit underneath the frames from the photo. Go ahead and take looped ribbons and hang up on them the curtain fishing rod. The different lengths from the ribbons won’t produce a beautiful decorative piece but probably permit you to glue several photos to longer ribbons for any more interesting display.

Adornments allow property proprietors to change their properties into custom homes. Although a lot of house decoration ideas are very costly to apply, you’ll find affordable and different methods for decorating your home. This ensures that you don’t only encounter financial obligations decorating your home but additionally find adornments which are unique and particular for you.

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