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Choosing the Best Yarn for Your Baby’s Hats

There is a baby on the way. At this time, finding the perfect gift for the baby can be daunting. I mean you don’t want to just give a generic, recyclable, regular gift. You want your gift stand out, be personal and be perfect. Handmade hats meet and surpass this criteria; you did make them from the heart after all. But before you go buying just any old yarn for the hat, there are things to consider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Yarn for Baby Hats

The first thing you need to look for in yarn to be used for a baby’s hat is softness. A baby’s skin is delicate and requires extra care. You should also go for yarn that will be easily washable since a baby’s clothes need to be washed all the time.

The best yarn you can use to make a baby’s hat also need to have enough elasticity to hold the hat’s shape and keep it on the baby’s head. Cotton acrylic, wool, bamboo and other natural fibers are great. If you can find a combination of wool and acrylic, you may have the perfect yarn since these two fibers have enough elasticity on their own.

Read the Label When Buying

To get the best yarn, you need to read the label before buying. The first thing you check for is the fiber content. If the label says that the yarn is wool, then it should also recommend “superwash.” If the fiber is marked as acrylic, the yarn should be very soft to the touch. Cotton and other plant blend fibers should also be very soft to the touch.

The next thing you want to pay attention to when buying yarn is the care instructions. Avoid buying yarn that is not machine washable. But you can choose one that is not machine dryable. You should never choose wool that is not superwash since superwash wools have been treated to make them machine washable.

Don’t use yarn just because it says acrylic on the label. Acrylic yarn should feel very soft to the touch. If you are still confused about the right type of yarn to purchase, you may want to go for brand names like Lion Brand a Red Heart that are known to produce yarn for baby clothes.

Finally, ensure the yarn you choose feels good to you. If it doesn’t, put it back. This is because the hat knitting process is a very creative and personal one and you want to ensure that the end product will be the perfect gift for the baby

You can always choose to buy a hat that has already been made with best materials for the baby. Baby hats come in different sizes, shapes and colors. My Little Duckling offers the most beautiful hats for newborns to 4 year old, view the range here. You can select a hat based on the child’s age, sex and when applicable color preferences.

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