Best Portable Vaporizer To Use In Your Car

No matter where you live in the world, cannabis in your car is most likely illegal except for legal medical patients. If you haven’t been able to get a legal ‘green card’ as people like to call them these days, but you still like or need to self medicate and keep some bud in the car, a vaporizer might be a great idea. Police interactions can happen so easily and so fast when driving on roads and the last thing you want is any legal trouble from them just for having a roach somewhere it shouldn’t be and then getting searched and having your little stash of three grams found. Depending on what state you’re in, that type of situation could get real ugly real fast. That’s why this article’s going to tell you what the best portable vaporizers are for being lowkey when driving your car.

Micro Vaped Nano V4 Concentrate Vape Pen

Now this little guy might only be for concentrates but it’s more than worthy of your consideration if you have to medicate on the go for whatever reason. If you haven’t taken the time to get familiar with what concentrates are, you should probably take a look into that. A small container of concentrate hidden away in your car is much less likely to be found by police than a half ounce bag of green. This concentrate vape in particular is made to resemble a fancy little writing pen so keeping it hidden away in your glovebox all but ensures that it won’t draw much attention if anything were to happen. For only 60 bucks, this is the best portable vaporizer you can hope to buy if you’re looking for your best odds of survival when dealing with law enforcement on the road.

Boundless CFC

While not quite as inconspicuous or stealthy as the Micro Vaped Nano, the Boundless CFC still maintains a very subtle design which usually wouldn’t catch a policeman’s eye. It’s so small and subtle, a lot of older people might mistake it for any number of other random devices like a USB or MP3. For 90$ this is pretty damn well near the best portable vaporizer for dry herbs to keep in your car, just make sure you have a solid way to stash the herb itself too.

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