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Baby Jewelry Trends Throughout the World

All over the world there are different ways that people seek to decorate their babies. The trends from different areas vary in their appeal, and in their application, usually taking the region’s religious and cultural heritage into account.

In Mexico and Latin America, the main ideas behind baby jewelry are usually Catholic in origin and are either crosses or depictions of The Virgin Mary. These are thought to confer the Virgin’s, and God’s protection upon them.

In some South Asian and South American cultures, it is traditional to pierce baby girl’s ears in some hospitals before discharge. It is one of the world’s first body modifications, and is done primarily in Nigeria, Brazil, and Hispanic countries.

Evil eye jewelry is prevalent all around the world to ward the baby from evil spirits. The idea is that the spirits see the eye, and are turned away, believing that the eye is being ‘ever watchful’ for spirits that would seek to do the baby harm. The evil eye brooch is the most unique type. Parents pin this to their baby’s clothes in order ward them from getting sick or having bad luck.

In the west, there is a current trend where babies wear bracelets with their name on them and also to look cute! Bracelets are available in gold and silver, going as far as to have diamonds on them. There also seems to be an implement of ‘giving a child a blessing’ with these little bracelets, similar to bestowing good luck on them. Charm bracelets to mark special occasions are also worn, such as for birthdays and holidays, adding a little charm to the bracelet every time a baby makes it to one of the memorable milestones.

Lastly, an example of trends in baby jewelry is the Native American trend of using turquoise with bracelets, rattles and necklaces for babies. Turquoise means life in their animist practices, and is thought to promote living and life giving in whomever wheres the living stone. It is also put on baby’s wraps and swaddles to help buoy them up throughout their life.

In conclusion, there are many different jewelry options for babies from around the world, whether it is ear piercing, bracelets, or the choice of stones to use with baby’s jewelry. Given the propensity of the internet, and the availability of shops, it has never been easier to select the perfect way to give your baby good luck, or to choose a great first jewelry gift for your little one!

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