A Quick Guide to Choosing a Birthday Present for Your Toddler

Buying presents for toddlers can be a contentious topic and a troubling task; the majority of toys on the market are easily broken by heavy-handed tots and sentimental gifts will be unappreciated by toddlers, so there’s no wonder why so many parents struggle to find the ideal gifts for their young children.

We spoke to Play Like Mum, who specialise in children’s dolls prams, and they said: “You know your child best, so whatever you think they’ll really enjoy will probably be a winner.

“For toddlers, the more durable a gift is the better. Young children have a habit of breaking things so it’s always best to stick to something that can’t be broken by little hands.”

How much should you spend?

There is always a debate about how much you should spend on your child for their birthday and one parent even came under fire for going ‘over the top’, but it really is down to your income and your preference.

Generally, the older the child gets, the more money is spent on them on their birthdays and because toddlers don’t really grasp the concept of birthdays, you don’t have to splash out on lavish gifts – a few things that you know they will enjoy should suffice.

Most toddlers will appreciate the time you spend with them and the affection they’re shown on their birthdays rather than the cost of the present which you bought for them.

Gift ideas

Struggling to think of the perfect gift for your toddler is completely normal, but there are some classics which never go out of style and can even help your child to develop. If you’re really stuck, try some of these ideas:

Construction toys and puzzles

Construction toys like building blocks, matching games involving colours and shapes, and even jigsaw puzzles (think four or five piece jigsaw puzzles) are perfect for toddlers and will encourage learning through play.

Imitative toys

If you have a toddler, you will most likely have noticed that they love to copy the things you do, so toys which help them to imitate you are going to be well-loved. Toy kitchens, washing machines, prams, and tool sets are all perfect examples of the imitative toys that you can buy for your toddler.

Imagination feeders

Engaging in imaginative play is endlessly beneficial for children as it helps them to develop language skills and emotional skills such as self-esteem. Buying your toddler some dress up clothes and art and craft supplies will really inspire their imagination and help them to get some of their creativity out in the open.


  • Buy age appropriate gifts.
  • Buy gifts that you know your child will enjoy.


  • Spend lots of money on gifts if it will greatly impact your finances.
  • Buy your toddler gifts that are fragile or are small enough to be easily swallowed.
  • Buy your toddler sentimental gifts (unless they are to be appreciated when your child is older).