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6 Worthy reasons to use a baby carrier – There’s more to it than just skin-contact

Apart from being a good stroller, one more thing which seems to be extremely necessary for newbie parents is a baby carrier soon after their newborns arrive. In the initial few weeks, not only are they fantastic things for creating the bond but they also provide you with enough freedom due to the fact that your hands remain free and you can continue with other tasks while carrying your infant.

Being a parent, it is vital for you to know that a baby carrier is an alternative to a pram. While you can still invest in a pram even after investing in a baby carrier, the latter is a better option for walks, hikes and for short trips. So, if you’re wondering about when to use a baby carrier, here are few reasons to keep in mind.

#1: It fosters a skin to skin bond

Babies usually love the skin-to-skin contact and this is one of the main reasons why moms are asked to use these baby carriers. If you didn’t know the scientific reason behind it, you need to know that it releases a hormone called oxytocin which enhances the production of breastmilk and promotes maternal bond and this helps the moms to fight against anxiety and postpartum depression. Even grandparents and daddy can bond in a better way with the baby.

#2: Helps babies stay happier

Studies have also proved the fact that babies who are carried with the help of a baby carrier by their moms or dads cry 40-50% les and hence they’re happier than babies who aren’t carried by their parents.

#3: A form of exercise

When you carry your baby in a baby carrier either at the back or at the front, this is a form of exercise. You actually get to do free workout everyday and hence it is also good for your body.

#4: Enhances speech for the baby

Did you know that babies are able to grasp languages in a better way when they’re carried through a baby carrier as they remain closer to their roots – their parents and they are the ones who are going to teach the baby the basics of communication?

#5: Improves development of the babies

When you carry the babies in a baby carrier, their head and neck are able to become stronger and they can also get back control on their nodding and not-so-strong neck. This also boosts strength of muscles and therefore babies are seen to become more active when carried in carriers.

#6: Babies grow up to be healthier

Are you thinking how? Well, there have been too many studies which have proved that babies who stay closer to their mom have more regulated breathing, better physical movements and a regulated heartbeat.

So, are you intrigued by the reasons mentioned above to use baby carriers? If you are, make sure you get one for your baby from the nearest baby store and check the material so that your baby feels comfortable in it.

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