5 easy back pain fixes

Say ‘goodbye’ to recurring back pain with our handy tips.

Many people spend a lifetime grappling with back pain. Most forms of back pain are curable and manageable, but you must know how to deal with it.

How to get rid of back pain in 5 easy ways:

1 Get a massage regularly. Back pain can be troublesome, but regular back massages will help you get rid of back pain over the long term. Massages stimulate increased blood flow to the painful regions of the back, apart from easing the cramped back muscles. Regular massages also release endorphins into the bloodstream, thus helping the tense back to relax. Using a good pain relief cream like Moov also helps– it penetrates deep into the painful muscles and tissues and removes every last vestige of pain.

2 Be a water baby. Hydrotherapy, or the use of water pressure to relieve pain, is a great pain management tool for back pain. So how to get rid of back pain using water? There are a few ways. If you like to swim, you can take a long and leisurely swim – do the backstroke for the most part – so that the water pressure can gently pound your back into release. You can also use strong jets of hot water on the painful regions of the back – this eases the internal tension and reduces the pain. You can even sit in the bath tub with a back cushion and warm water for relief.

3 Exercise and meditate. Another good way to get rid of back pain is to get active. It might sound counterproductive to subject a painful back to more activity, but focused physical activity within reasonable bounds can actually do your back a lot of good. If your back pain is due to a sedentary lifestyle, then you should enrol for an exercise class – exercise stretches the back muscles rhythmically, while promoting increased blood flow and releasing endorphins into the bloodstream. You can also match your exercise efforts with daily meditation to get a better grip on the pain.

4 Sleep well. Sometimes, all that a sore back needs to be well again is a good night’s sleep. Your overburdened schedule might not leave you with enough time to hit the sack for a full eight hours. But do make the time to rest adequately and go straight to bed instead of dawdling around in front of the TV before bedtime. Switch off all digital gadgets, read a book and try to maintain the same sleeping and waking up timings.

5 Use heating pads. If you feel that getting out of bed in the morning is sheer torture, then you need a heating pad on your nightstand. Plug in the pad before you get out of bed, and heat the painful and stiff portions of the back for a few minutes. Once the muscles have relaxed, get out of bed gently – no sudden moves!

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